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Cherry MX RGB Blue phased out?!


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I'm looking to buy a Corsair K70 LUX RGB Cherry MX Blue keyboard but I've heard that Corsair is no longer manufacturing RGB Blue switches because of very low demand. But in my country (Poland) many Internet computer stores have it available. So does that mean there are leftovers still available to buy? I was going to buy this keyboard in a few months' time (or even later) but now I'm scared it won't be available anymore. So can someone please clarify?
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I'm curious about this problem as well. I have a malfunctioning Cherry MX Blue RGB that I returned for replacement to Corsair. It began spamming randomly on all PC's I connected it to. Soft and hard resets did not fix the keyboard.


Now I am waiting for a new keyboard from Corsair, but I am unable to get an answer from the Support/Return Ticket System. I have been writing them message updates since the 4th of January with no response on their end.




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