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Neutron GTX 240GB SMART failure


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My system (win7 64 pro sp1) was running slowly, freezing, BSOD, etc. Several attempts at reboot failed. Hard depower, boot fail, repeated several times. Eventually, windows started and I checked SMART using Corsair SSD Toolbox. ID=01 was flagged red. Status was labeled failure.

Reboot, SFC seemed to make a few changes, windows started, recheck with Toolbox. ID=01 was now flagged with a yellow triangle, all other IDs are blue or green. Here is the data from ID=0:


current value=166


raw value=0


status=failed earlier


CHKDSK reports no errors. TRIM completes with no errors reported.


Is this drive failing and in need of replacement? If so, could you indicate RMA procedure?


thank you.

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