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Shortcut for an additional character possible?


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Hello Corsair Forum!

I'm very new to all this stuff and yersterday I receved my first corsair product the 'Corsair STRAFE RGB' Keyboard.


I quickly understood how the rgb effects work but actions with macros I dont quite really understand and I hope you guys can help me out.


I use this character 'ł' very often and I'd like to have a combination in the Keyboard to insert it. I thought FN+L or ALT+L would be a nice shortcut.


But unfortunately whatever I try I can only select one Key but no combination. E.g. 'L' but then I cant use the regular L anymore because It is replaced by 'ł'.


I hope you can help me with this problem.


Greetings JalicX (:

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I think the strafe has media keys right? My old one did. You could remap one of the media keys or some other key you do not use to enter ł various ways but in my tests, Alt+0322, the Ascii Keycode for that Polish stroke l lowercase did not work. You may try the "text" insertion function within Cue.


If you want shortcuts like that with modifier keys, you either need to setup a profile switching button and hten remap the function of the key. I strongly advise against that even though it is tempting.


You need something like auto hot key with a hotstring. Script would be very simple. Alt L would be something like:



Send ł




But a much better solution is found here:



Dealing with other common Polish chars and handling upper and lower case. You may want to just change control modifier to alt if that is your preference, the ^ turns to ! and you are all set. I did not test that script but it seemed logical.


also assuming you are on windows, this may help:if you are




And if you are on a different OS there's probably a similar thing.

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