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RGB VERSION: Ryzen Open Case Hybrid [Scratch Build]

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Coming from the first iteration of my Ryzen hybrid scratch case, I am thrilled to reveal the second generation of the build. While the first iteration focused on conservative aesthetics and small build size, this build will be a true “showroom” PC while not forgetting its minimalistic and industrial origins.


I want to thank to corsair for giving me the resources to continue working on this project. It is a true privilege to be working with them on this.


There is always room for improvement. In the case of this project, enhancements will be made by focusing the build around Corsair parts, the incorporation of controlled LED, increased build size for cable management, high quality painting, and a reworked Corsair GPU Shroud with better LED. This will all be done while maintaining the core structure of the case and implementing the same fabrication techniques used in the first iteration.


Like my previous builds, this case will be designed utilizing 3d CAD, Laser cut on a 2500 Watt Amada Pulsar Laser, Pem inserted using a 6-ton Haeger Insertion Press, Air bent through the use of high precision Trumpf Press brakes and Welded. The case will then be finished up with either Wet or Powder coating/Baking in order to get the best paint result possible. Throughout this build, these stages will be displayed as best as possible, while still implementing safety and best shop practices.



CPU: Ryzen 1700X

Mobo: Asus Crosshair VI

GPU: Hydro GFX GTX 1080 Ti Liquid Cooled Graphics Card

Fans: HD120 RGB LED

Cooler: Corsair H100i v2

Ram: 32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 2666

HD: Corsair MP500 M.2 120gb

RGB: Corsair Lighting Node Pro

PSU: Corsair RM 650X

Cables: Corsair Premium Black PSU Cable Kit


Previous Build:



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Woah, okay has it been a crazy few weeks. I have been doing alot of design work on this case, as well as beginning to source paint and other accessories. I still have to go buy the GPU & maybe some extra fans, but besides that I have just about everything I need.


Below is a mix of product and process photos. A huge thanks to my best friend Ken Lavey! He is an absolutely amazing and respected photographer with tremendous skill. Do him a solid and check out his website here!
















So the bracket pictured is actually a stage 2 prototype from an earlier test bench that I had made. I had previously designed the bracket to work with multiple different PSU brands, but testing was still necessary before moving forward. The bracket was made out of laser cut a5052 aluminum, and then deburred with a 12,000 rpm orbital sander piped to our air compressor.






These next four photos show in various amounts of detail me testing out the front/CPU fan mounts, shroud, and locations. The shroud is a late design point, but one that I think will add more depth to the sides of the box. They also will cover the 8 fan/rad mounting screws which is always a nice touch.


Photo Credit Ken Lavey



Photo Credit Ken Lavey



Photo Credit Ken Lavey



Photo Credit Ken Lavey



Thank you guys for taking a look, and thank you again to CORSAIR for allowing me the opportunity to build upon this case and try to make something very special. Will have more updates in a few weeks!


Check out my IG: Yuel_beast


Kenlavey.com | IG: Kenlavey

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Back for another update! This time more process photos for the prototype version of the case. In order to save time, its actually easier for me to make a throw-away version of the case. Sparing some aesthetic case detail makes figuring out how parts fit together a bit easier. I have also included my custom 3mm alum test bench in some of the photos. I used this to help me layout the motherboard and get a better idea what the actual board will look like with components installed. This was important because I had to take measurements (like ram to cooler height) in order to make sure everything was going to go as planned.


Again, a huge thanks to my friend Ken Lavey for all his help with this photographing this build. All the photos below are by him, if interested, check out his website or IG!


Ken Lavey


Ken Lavey IG





Notice the pem nuts inserted in the aluminum before the standoffs. This is an older design of mine that I am shying away from now. I experimented with 6-32 roll tapped holes and standoffs in this prototype, but think I will instead just go with 6-32 pem standoffs instead.








First shot of the laser cut wrapper for the prototype. This case will consist of a wrapper, top & bottom welded flanges, and a back panel/door. All the case components except for the gpu bracket & shroud will be 16g CRS.


Notice the line of holes going down on the center left. Those are for my GPU bracket. It's pretty hard to predict where that will sit, so I have added in lots of options for attachment. I haven't shared any pictures of that part yet, but it has 6-32 tapped holes in a pattern that is compatible with the holes on this part, allowing me to position the gpu up or down 2 inches with 3/16 increments of movement.




If you enjoy modding and don't own a pair of calipers or veneers. Do yourself a favor and go buy a nice pair. Good ones are 100-300 dollars, but they are well worth it. Here I am measuring the material thickness in order for the press brake to calculate the correct Y-depth. Since I am air bending, and not bottom bending/coining, I need to take a measurement that is within .001".




Bending the last bend at the press brake. I think I am using a 8mm bottom die, but I can't recall.




Double checking the angle measurements with a protractor.




In these next few pictures, you can see how I am threading the cooler tubes through middle case opening and up to the grommet location. A big part of this builds initial design was to create a case that worked with otherwise easy, but sometimes inconvenient, water cooling solutions in the smallest form factor possible.










Final photo of what the initial prototype looks like.




Overall, pretty happy with how it came out. I have to move some stuff around and slightly rethink other things, but that is normal in the prototyping process. Generally at this point, I would give the product back to the engineering team that commissioned it for review with my notes and would start to think about small batch production. In this case, I will go back to my 3d cad drawings and start to arrange some of the more aesthetic pieces of the build.


For more updates, check out my instagram!

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Nearing the end of the build cycle and everything is coming together really well. Been very busy with work related projects so I have not had as much time to devout to this build as normal, but could still have the finished product by the new year. The aluminum guards (which will be painted and maybe changed to steel) are looking great, and the blind standoffs are doing there job perfectly.


Photo credit goes to my friend Ken Lavey (links for his website and profile above!)

















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Almost done! Well, at least with building the physical case. Still lots of more traditional work left to go, but in terms of fabrication we are basically done. Have been looking and talking to different people about painting and color, but I am pretty sure I will go with a powder coating service that I use for other things.


IG: Yuel_beast





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All done, this is it! Would like to thank Corsair for all their support & the opportunity to do this build. It's been alot of fun, and can't wait to see what will come next. Also a special thanks to my friend Ken Lavey (KenLavey.com) for the amazing product photos. He did an amazing job and I can't thank him enough.







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