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Corsair link, Commander Pro or H100i v2 Issue?


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Hi Guys,


Regarding H100i v2, Commander Pro


I seem to have a problem getting the H100i V2 to report properly through the Commander Pro.


4 Case Fans are connected directly with Commander Pro, The other 2 are connected as standard with H100i. Usb from H100i is connected to Commander Pro and Commander Pro is connected to MB.


In my brain, everything is set up correctly :sigh!:


Added 2 Screenshots of setup on LINK



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Yes, please try what red-ray suggested. If that doesn't change anything, I'd connect your H100i V2 directly to the MB USB header and see if you get the same reading.


One thing that I noticed is your CPU temp is a bit high on idle. Double check your BIOS and check on the fan header where you connected the pump. I would just make sure that the pump is actually running. You could also touch the tubes, there should be a slight vibration which is an indication that the coolant is moving.

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One thing that I noticed is your CPU temp is a bit high on idle.


I expect it's not as CL4 over reports the 1700X by +20°C. This means 54.4°C is actually 34.4°C which is fine, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=920208


I thought the 3pin cable just fed data. and didn't power the pump.


No, it provides the power. I recommend you have to H100iV2 connected to the CPU_FAN header as per the manual and set the CPU_FAN header to PWM mode and full speed in the BIOS.


Once you have done this the H100iV2 pump should be about 1900 RPM and half of this (950 RPM) should be reported as the CPU_FAN speed. I also expect the H100iV2 fan will report a speed.

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Thanks for all advice guys. MUCH appreciated.


I enabled the FAN speed and turned to MAX, now I can actually feel the pump tube vibrating.


Also, this means it's been running without pump since Ryzen released :laughing:


yes, i've heard that Ryzen X CPU's show 20 degrees higher temp.


Attached is a screenshot of new values. looks much more correct I guess.


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