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Corsair VOID using output as an Input?


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I'm not entirely sure how to explain this but my Corsair VOID wireless is using the audio it receives and is playing it back through my microphone for other people to hear it. For example, say I'm listening to a song on Spotify and I'm talking to someone on Teamspeak or on Discord. They can hear the song because it's playing it through not only my headset, but through my microphone as well. I DON'T have any Realtek drivers installed. Only the driver for the headset and the default NVIDIA HD audio driver. I've been looking everywhere to try and fix this. Tried contacting Corsair directly but no answer. I do have CUE installed. I also have reason to believe it's something with drivers because I installed a driver a while back to try and fix it and it actually did fix it but it just broke even more by not allowing any audio to play
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I have a very similar issue, just mine is with the wired version. Audio can still be played, but it is at such a low volume that I may as well just be whispering even while at maximum. In addition, as you said, audio it receives is played back through my microphone for other people to hear.


This issue has only presented itself after updating to Windows 10 from Windows 8. Prior to this, I have never had this issue. I have also noticed that the drivers from Windows 10 did not carry over and I am unable to install them as I lack an image and they do not install after checking for drivers or by uninstalling the device and letting it reinstall itself.


I have checked all my audio configurations and I did not find anything wrong with them. However, the Mic is still working on my old Vista.


The current drivers on this machine (Windows 10) are:






Along with two dll files:




All the listed files are default windows audio files. On Windows 8 I had other Corsair branded drivers and I currently lack those in Windows 10.

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I believe I have found a fix for this (at least it works for myself). This fix was an accidental find when I going to use a mic from an old headset.


**Note: This is for the Wired headset, I don't know if it will work on the wireless or for any other people as it could be a solution for only myself.**


The steps:

1. Plug in a Microphone (has to be into the 2.5mm microphone jack and not through USB).

2. Plug in the Corsair headset using the USB (wired).

3. Open your "playback devices" and disable the 2.5mm Microphone device.

4. Re-enable the disabled device and unplug it.


That fixes my problem, although I have to do it after every restart.

Hope this helps

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