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Device malfunction with my K95


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Ever since I purchased my Polaris mouse pad, I've been getting errors that my Corsair devices have malfunctioned. This causes my KB + Mouse mat to disconnect, wait somewhere between 2-20 seconds and then they reconnect. It's super annoying when I'm playing games!


I read this forum post from 2014 which seems to be the exact same issue. They stated that engineers were working on the issue but somehow, I don't believe that...


Has this issue been solved yet???

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Please fillout your system specs.



Have you tried a different USB port for the keyboard?

How are the devices connected? Is the MM800 plugged via the pass through on the keyboard?

Latest chipset drivers, Windows updates, UEFI/BIOS updates?


Put in a support ticket with Corsair as well and see whether they can help as well.


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