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Corsair HX1200 Compatibily - Broadwell and X99 Chipset


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Hello guys, need a little help here.


I work hard with image and video processing, and do some gaming here and there. I currently work with a CX750, but with 8 hard drives plugged all the time (7 HDDs and 1 SSD).


I need to increase my storage space to 14 HDDs, so I want to buy a new PSU that could hold the system working fine when at max. I would love to fit a HX1200 in my system, specially thinking on future expansions.


Researching on it I found some concerns about its compatibility with Broadwell architecture and X99 chipsets. Is that really true? On Corsair webpage for this product says it is compatible with Intel 6th Gen, the Skylake. Does it means it is not ok to use with the 5th Gen?


I'd really appreciate if someone could give a little help here...


Thanks in advance!!


Best regards!

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