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bad module Pc3200xms


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Comp stopped booting last night. Checked every thing i could think of. Reset cmos jumper and still no boot. I removed one of my corsair modules and still no boot. Put that one back in, removed the other and the damn thing booted right up. Tried switching dimm slots and such but as long as i have the bad stick in the computer it wont boot. So i am thinking it died. Had this stick for more than two years now and its been good to me. Any other suggestions.


My setup is as follows:

Abit AT7

Athlon 2600+ barton

XFX 6600GT Agp

2 sticks Corsair XMS PC3200 256mb

2 IBM Deathstar ATA 100 20gb in RAID 0

Plextor CD Burner

Sony DVD Drive

420w Power Supply

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