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CLNP LED Channel #2 not lighting


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Hello Corsair


I have a little issue, I purchased the CLNP from Scan and it arrived today, upon initial installation everything worked fine, all 4 included LED strips and all LED's lit up on both channels initially, so I powered down and spent a few minutes placing the Node in a tidy location and putting all the strips where I wanted them


Once I rebooted Channel 2 has since been unresponsive besides a tiny flash when I plug any of the 4 strips into it,


I have tried numerous reboot's, I've update the Link software and the Node Firmware, I even tried downgrading the Firmware nothing has worked thus far


Have I got the worse luck and had a half DoA Node or am I missing something?


Thanks in advance for your help


TL:DR: CLNP Worked at first.. after a reboot Channel 2 doesn't light up, tried most troubleshooting techniques

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I'd check the channel 2 and make sure you have selected LED strip as a device and add (+) more LED strips if you are only seeing one.


Also, under Options > Devices, check if you have latest FW version for LNP. If C link says you don't, update to the latest one.


Check the connection as well and make sure they are properly seated.

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Have done all of that, and still nothing, I have unplugged and reseated the LED strips repeatedly, I've swapped them around, I've put them in extenders I've put them in directly, still Channel 2 does not work, I've asked the supplier they'll return the product and send out another one, It really does seem Channel 2 was DoA.
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