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PCIe cable RMA from Europe?


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My Corsair One was bought in May, P/N 9000007-EU, and definitely has some of the issues mentioned.

Specifically it will not Post. Sometimes I have to slowly powercycle for 10 minutes to get it to Post... very bothersome (and probably not especially good for the HDD). I assume this is due to the PCIe cable mentioned in several posts?

I have also had a bit of tearing/blocky-break-up in playback of videos (esp. when skipping in 4K videos, but also a few specific low-res videos during simple playback). Gaming seems solid... Sometimes VR (Rift) was very stuttering, but that has actually improved, even as Boot/Post has become worse!

Just tried running a Corsair One Diagnostics "Full System Test", and it passed everything there.

I'm not currently using HDMI audio, but can do if it helps, to test.


I don't have the original packaging anymore, so I don't know how to find the LOT#. I can find the SN# below the Corsair One itself.


Anyway, I was wondering how the process goes for a computer bought in Europe (Denmark). Not very practical to RMA and ship to USA.

Is it possible to exchange the cable locally or myself?

My local dealer is solid (it's a webshop - so... virtually solid), and I'm sure it will replace. It is still within the general 6month warranty in Denmark. It would probably smoothen things if I could get an email explaining what the problem is, and how they should proceed back towards Corsair.

But I am worried about how long I will be without the PC, as I use it every day. Not sure if the dealer will replace from stock, and then do an RMA internally. They only have the newer 9000011 model in stock now (with M.2. SSD)...

OBS: If there was any way to upgrade my machine with a M.2. SSD during this process (or exchange to M.2. model), that would definitely be a nice counterweight to all the bother this has given (even if I should supply it myself. It is really hard to install and I guess it breaks warranty if I were to do it myself).


Haven't done the RMA yet (not sure if I should do it here, or just take it to my dealer, and let them deal with it).


PS: Still a very nice piece of engineering!

Never saw anything approaching this.

This is the first prebuilt system I have ever purchased, but having seen it, it was clear that I would never be able to beat that. However this cable issue does bring home the issue a prebuilt system brings with it - specifically that you are supposed to RMA the whole system, not just swap the defective part.

10/10 would buy again :)


UPDATE: BIOS PCIe speed setting to Gen.2 solved the boot problem :) Not sure if there are still other issues.

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My Corsair One in the UK has the cable issue, I submitted a ticket and TNT are picking it up tomorrow to go to Corsairs repair centre in the Czech Republic.


A quick way to check if your computer has the same issue is to check the lot number. 1725 to 1731 is the affected batch, apparently.


Either way, I'd submit a ticket and let nature take it's course.

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Setting PCI speed to Gen2 seems to have fixed the booting problem fully :)

Haven't done much testing on video yet - harder to quantify, as it was always intermittent.

Will also test HDMI audio later.


So... does this setting come with a performance penalty? I.e. is it a temporary fix, and should we still get the PCIe cable exchanged? Or is there no purpose now?

Not sure how to test this.

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