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Abit AI7 with 2x512 ValueSelect


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Wierd problem.


Motherboard will not POST with the two 512Mb ValueSelect DIMMs in Banks 1 & 3, but if I put a 1Gb DIMM I had sitting spare in any of the other two slots the PC will boot and the BIOS reports 1Gb of memory present.


Windows XP, of course, refuses point blank to install.


I have tried every combination of putting the DIMMs into various slots but am coming to the conclusion that one of the DIMMs is buggered. Unfortunately I can't tell which one!

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Well you would not be able to mix our VS1GBKit400 modules and a 1.0 Gig single module. But please try and clear the bios with just one of our modules installed and see if the system will post and then try the other modules as well.
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