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GPU coil whine on different PCIE cable?


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Hey guys,


I was wondering if its possible by changing PCIE cable you then get a coil whine on GPU?


I am asking because I'm suddenly noticing coil whine on my gtx1080 (gigabyte extreme) after I switched the default PSU cables that came with my PSU(RM750i). Previously I have used 1 cable with 2x8pins(piggy tail) into the GPU then went with 2 cables with a separate cable for each of the 8pins (with the piggy tail hanging) after finding out this should be better. But I didn't like the piggy tail hanging so I went on and bought "Corsair CP-8920176 Premium Individually Sleeved PCIe Cables With Single Connectors, Red/Black" off Amazon. But right after I switched to that I noticed coil whine and those inductor sounds when GPU is in load which I don't believe I have heard before when using the default cable. I am planning to test this again in the morning as at the time of writing is already pretty late here but I wanted to post first to see if anyone has had this issue before. My card do get coil whine when it is around 170+fps but never below 150fps. But this time I can hear is pretty loud just at 90-100fps.

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