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Problem Corsair SD Card and Tungsten T5


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I have the following problem with my Corsair 512 Mb SD Card and my PalmOne Tungsten T5:

I copied some mp3, iSilo documents and Docs to go documents to the SD Card. I used them with no problem, but suddendly they weren't available anymore in each program.

When I checked in "Card info" it showed that there still were some files there and the memory was still in use.

But then I checked the card with "FileZ" to get a detailed view, with file names and everything, instead of listing the folders in the SD Card it lists a lot of:



And when I click on any of these "folders" the following message shows:

"Error: vfs:File Not Found in Item Folder::readItems()a(/_______.__/)"


And when I connect my T5 to my computer and enable Drive Mode, the Card appears on Windows Explorer, but when I click on the card it doesn't show its content.






Eduardo Labbe

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