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How To Reattach Heat Spreader On Vengeance RAM?


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I have 4 sticks of Vengeance RAM and 1 of the heat spreaders has fallen off. I contacted Corsair for a warranty exchange but since I can not find my receipt from 4 or 5 years ago Corsair will not give me an RMA. I am the original owner and purchased the RAM at my local Frys store. Anyway since I do not have my receipt my warranty is obviously no good. I am asking for an idea of what I can do to reattach the heat spreader. I know the RAM will work without it. But my other 3 sticks have heat spreaders and since I have a window'd case I'd like a uniform look. I have seen others complain of the same issue here but I can not get the search function to show the threads. Any ideas?
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