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RM850i chipped off solder(?)


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A good 3 months ago now, I replaced most of my rigs components - all except for my GPU and PSU.


When I was about to place my PSU into the new case, I noticed a rattling sound.

After a bit of fiddling, I managed to pull the object out through the grid plating - appeared to be a piece of solder.


Should I be concerned about the state of the PSU, or just let it slide?


For reference, the computer has been running fine - no instabilities at all.

According to HWMonitor, the PSU usually sits around 42/36°C and 78% on idle, and 49/41°C and 92% on load (gaming), never had the fan actually start, but I've tested it and it does work - both via the physical switch on the PSU itself, and by manually setting RPM via Corsair LINK.


Only iffy bit, is that it does produce a slight, single click sound when it shuts off - but I can't quite recall whether it also did that in the old rig or not.

Either way, I've visually inspected it for sparks, and there was none that I could see (checked in complete darkness; no sudden lightsource within the PSU either), so I assume it's just relays discharging(?).


Pics of the piece of solder that come out:




So, to reiterate:

- Computer runs fine, I'm just being paranoid for no reason other than "what if".

- No instability or temperature issues.

- No odd smells or sparking.

- One slight click when PSU powers down.


1) No reason to worry about the solder that came off ~3 months ago?

2) Is the noise simply relays discharging?

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