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Some media keys stop working when rebound to another key


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Play/pause, Next Track and Previous Track do not work when I bind these actions to G-keys on my Scimitar Pro. My K95 RGB(not Platinum) has physical keys for these actions and they do work, but if I bind, for example, 'Play/Pause' to G1 and press it, it does not work. Volume Up/Down and Mute work fine. Binding Mute to the physical keys confirms that the keys themselves work fine.


Going into service manager for Windows and restarting 'Human Interface Device Access' fixes the issue, but it's back after a couple of minutes. The HIDA service is still running when the specified keys stop working.


My CUE version is currently 2.16.87 and I have had this issue since 2.x, I have used 1.x and did not have this issue back then.


I hope that someone else might have an idea how to fix this!

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