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PC infinite reload


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So I have just got my pc back from RMA. When I start it I get the corsair one logo options to open bios/choose recovery disk and the third one (can't remember it). However, I can not access any of those options and after a few seconds my PC reboots. It is like an infinite loop


Any suggestions?


EDIT: I managed to access recovery mode. However, doesn't matter what I try in troubleshooting, it tells me that there was an error

EDIT2: I just managed to launch linux from usb stick and everything works on it. Seems like there is a problem with windows

EDIT3: Am I allowed to reinstall windows? If so, can I get my windows info or license from a customer support? Will it void my warranty? (I can not reset it through windows menu (F8 at the start-up) it says that "reset can not be completed"


EDIT4: I have installed a new copy of windows. Apparently Windows 10 Home key embedded in the machine, so the installer should be able to pull the activation key automatically. And installing new OS does not void your warranty. [source: Corsair one customer support]

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