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Have Corsair products :


780T Case

115i CPU Cooler

HX1000 PSU

Dominator 4x8GB 2666 ram


and just purchased the HD140 RGB two pack with controller and have moved one of the white case fans to the rear and put the 2 HD140 RGB's in the front.



ok, have been looking at stuff and it appears its best to plug all the LED wires into the controller and then connect that to the commander and connect all your fan power into the Commander


and you plug your H115i link into it and then plug the commander into the USB2 on your case...........and then use the software to control it all


anything I have missed or any tips ?


Looks like I will be buying the Pro Commander and another HD140 case fan to use as an exhaust fan


they talk about 2 different LED Channels ...now would it be possible to have 2 controllers (HD140 LED fans ) connected to the Commander and have them run different modes colours ?

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wanted to put 2 HD140's on top of my H115i but the screws are already used to connect to the case and I think the Fans at the bottom of the Rad:[pouts:


but looks like the HD120mm fans will fit nicely there and attach them to the LED controller and that to the Commander Pro and just set at about 20% speed in Link software.......I guess it will just think its 2 case fans

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