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Pretty Sure a bad module VS1GBKIT533D2 (VS512MB533D2 x2 1gig kit)


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One of the two sticks seems bad. I installed the ram recently in my newly built PC and it wouldn't post, had them in duel channel mode. Removed one stick, left the other in slot 1 and still wouldn't post. switched it out with the other stick and it posted just fine. Seems one stick of the kit is bad. Let me know what i should do. I can't test it in another machine, dont have another DDR2 motherboard, and i can't rum MemTest due to the fact that it wont even post that far.=(


Mobo = Abit AA8 Duramax



I can't return the ram to Zipzoomfly b/c it was purchased over 30 days ago, just to let yas know =)

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