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2 x 256 3200LL TwinX


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Hey all, My setup: AMD 1700xp (JIUHB DLT3C 0310 WPMW) Abit NF7-S rev. 2.0 2 x 256 3200LL TwinX modules 128mb albatron ti4200p video card 480W Vantec Stealth PSU temps are 25/38 C idle and 27/42 C under full load (prime) Prior to installing the corsair ram I had my cpu going at 12.5 x 169 at 1.575V. I was using 1 x 256 pc2700 generic ram (infenion chips). Everything stock (no voltage increases) except the vcore at 1.575V. No memtest86 errors at this speed. I've since installed the corsair ram (mentioned above in my setup) and I can't get any increase in the FSB - I've tried voltage increases, loosened the mem timings, decreased the multiplier - but am getting random reboots, errors in prime95, and errors in memtest in the first cycle of testing. How can I confirm that the memory is bad? Could it be the Motherboard? Unfortunately, I don't have another computer to test the ram on... Please help :)
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