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Issue with 270R side panel with 3.5" HDDs installed


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Turns out I had to just flip the bottom drive in the 'bay' and it fits well enough to put the panel on. I'm a bit worried as the SATA and power cable are really squished into a tiny channel and forced to bend at an extreme angle in a very small space, but it works! I'll keep the rest of this up though just in case someone else runs into this 'issue'.


My next issue will be figuring out how to fit a 5th drive in the case!


Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my post!


I have a Corsair 270R mid-tower windowed case. I have both 2.5 SSD slots and both 3.5 HDD slots filled (on the back side of the case, behind the motherboard). When I try to put the side panel on the bottom runner that sits on the inner lip of the case sticks in too far and hits the bottom hard drive keeping the panel from properly fitting onto the case.


Am I doing something wrong, or is there an alternate place I can put the HDD? I was thinking I could reverse how the drive sits in the bottom slot, but then the SATA and power cables would be too tight against the bottom of the case..

Has anyone else ran into this issue?


Is there another spot to put 3.5" drives in the case that I just can't see?


I'd appreciate if anyone has any advice on this issue.


Here you can see the case, about 1/8th an inch of the hard drive is actually under the bottom lip of the case.



A closer look



A picture on the side panel with the runner highlighted:



Thanks again for the time and a preemptive thank you for the help!

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