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Corsair RM750i compatibility x370 Motherboard


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Hi All ,


My first post and I would like already thanks more experienced users that might help me out .


I'm building from an LGA1155 to an AMD x370 and I would love to re-use my RM750i , but on the ROG that I would like to purchase (Hero VI), I see an 8+4 CPU power connector and I'm not sure if I can use my PSU cabling " out of the box" or if there is a Corsair spare part as adapter (apparently I could not found it) , or simply will work as it is now (default cabling).


GPU will be a VEGA


I'm planning moderate CPU OC (Ryzen 1700x) with Corsair DDR4 3200 and I'm not sure if this ROG might be a good fit for my Corsair PSU (which I'm proud of) .


Thanks in advance to help me out guys !



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