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HD series fans and control questions


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I am building a modded PC and as part of the theme I want too have a 'furnace' appearance in a fan in the front of the case.


I've looked at heaps of YT videos etc and have come to the conclusion that the HD LED fan with the lighting profiles available to it will look best.


I have a few questions, if I may, as to how these are implemented though.


I'd appreciate if people could tell me what controllers/devices I would need.


1. If I have multiple fans in the case, is it possible to have one fan running on a certain lighting profile, while other fans run on a different lighting profile?


2. Just how customisable is a colour profile? I see that it has a huge number of colour options but could a fan be set, day, to cycle between red, orange and yellow colours in a certain pattern? (eg I think it's called 'breathing' )


3. Can LED and non-LED fans be run off the same hub / controller?

(in this usage case I'd be having the front fan as an LED but other interior case fans as just plain old black fans -which I'd be painting probably)


4. Can these hubs run LED strip lighting as well as fans? (and if not,how can strip lighting be managed, if at all)


I hope I'm clear in what I'm asking, Please let me know if you need any clarification.


Thank you :)

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Since I work on the custom code and controller for it, I'll answer from that point of view.


1: Yes. (And with Corsair controllers, Yes.)


2: Yes. Oddly enough, that's what I have it set to right now. It's offset per fan to cycle the breathing pattern between all the fans in a line. (With Corsair controllers: Kind of yes, just not as much control.)


3: The Hub/Controller for the LED fans only controls the LED light part of the fans. A normal Fan controller can control all the fans, LED and Non-LED alike.


4: The Fan LED hub cannot run strip lights. You would need a Light Node Pro, Commander Pro, or custom LED controller to run strips also.

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Thanks for that.


So, to clarify, I wouldn't be able to control the fan if I just bought the single fan kit with no controller? I'd need one with an LED controller yes?


My primary concern is how could I get this stuff to work on a system that will be Linux. Software that is specifically or solely designed for Windows use isn't all that useful in this respect.


Sure it MIGHT work in Linux via WINE, but unless anyway has any experience in this regard who can confirm that...?

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The Corsair software-controlled controllers (Lighting Node Pro and Commander Pro) are pretty much Windows only. I don't think even SIV has a Linux version.


The fans -MUST- have an LED controller to send data to the LEDs. The standalone hardware controller has a very extremely limited set of options, so would not be able to do any of the things you've requested.


I can't speak for Linux and WINE for Corsair Link 4, but I don't have high hopes considering how deeply it tries to get into the kernel for hardware info.


So at this point, the only sure bet would be a custom controller, which is about $18 or less worth of parts, soldering optional, and since it's serial controlled, will work on Linux just fine with just a bash script. ^.^ (I know, because my fancy music sync video is done using a bash script. XD )

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