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Im im the process of buying new ram for my Sabertooth X99.


Im thinking of the Dominator 3000 Kit (32GB 4X8GB)




But i want to be able to run 3200Mhz, and there is no other Dominator kit that is compatible With X99 over 3000Mhz except for the Torque kit.


Will i be able to OC this kit to 3200? Or is it a lottery, maybe maybe not?

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There is a 4x8GB 3200C16 kit as well as the ROG red at the same timings. Is the issue it isn't on the compatibility list? I am not sure that matters much with an established platform and a kit that is far newer than any of the Asus lists. I suppose price in your market has a say, but I might be more inclined to go with non-QVL 3200 than 3000 and squeezing a little more, although I do agree it should work.
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