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Warning for Nordic RMA Customers - No Stock


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21th of August - I sent my K70 Vengeance keyboard for RMA

28th of August - Website says Processing

11th of September - Website still says Processing


11th of September

I contact Corsair and they tell me that there is no stock for K70 Vengeance and that's why they haven't sent me a new keyboard. I was never notified of this, it's only now when I contact them that I learned this.


They were willing to exchange the keyboard to K70 LUX RGB, but they only have stock for the American layout, no stock at all for the nordic SWE/FIN layouts, and they have no idea when they'll receive any stock.


So looks like I could potentially be waiting for the keyboard to arrive for christmas or next year. Pretty upset. Ticket #602045

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Problems keep going.


12th of September


I receive a message that they shipped me an NA keyboard and that I need to refuse the shipment. They also now have the ND keyboard in stock so they asked if I wanted blue or red switches. I answered them and also asked how do I know which shipment is the NA and which is the ND, so I can refuse the right one, and never got a reply back.


This is so frustrating.

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