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Malfunctioning Fan Port on H100 Block


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Hi Guys,


I have an H100 (CWCH100) from 2012 that has a dying fan port on the cooling block. Once powered on, this single fan port will slowly drop voltage till the fan completely spins down after 6 minutes.


Initially, I thought it was a faulty fan, but changing the stock fan resulted in the same behavior. Then I thought it might be some software optimization on my OS or possibly BIOS causing the drop in voltage so I powered the H100 block alone with the molex connector and jumped my PSU removing all external variables (i.e. Mobo, etc), but the problem persisted. In a last ditch effort, I performed the firmware reset that's floating around the forums but it had no effect. I also alternated the port on my modular PSU and used different molex cables, making sure to tighten the H100's molex pins by pushing them in with a tiny screwdriver.


At this point, I'm fairly certain it's the electronics. Is there any use in pursuing an RMA as it's been like this for quite some time or would I likely receive another soon to be defective H100 since I'm guessing the replacement parts are old/no longer in production?


Thanks for any advice

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