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Void Pro RGB - Volume issue and random disconnects (2 issues)


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So recently my Void Pro RGB has been having 2 different issues that started happening at the same time.




About a week ago CUE had crashed and closed. I opened it again afterwards and since then both of the issues below have been occurring. I've made sure the latest firmware is installed (even forced it to make sure), did reboots and checked anything I could think of.


Problem 1 - No Volume Control


So the first issue is that the Volume Control on the headset itself no longer works to raise/lower the volume. The headset will still mute, clicking the scroll will still change EQ Presets and otherwise the headset works as normal. When I move the scroll up or down, I see the volume level appear in Windows when the volume is changed. I can change the volume fine through the Corsair K70 RGB with its volume scroll, only the headset doesn't work.


I made sure the HID service is started, tried doing a reboot to make sure it starts up automatically and even tried disabling/enabling it and I still have no control.


Problem 2 - Random Dongle Disconnects


The second issue that started at the same time is that occasionally the USB dongle seems to disconnect from the headset. It's not something that's constant and not even something that seems to have a pattern. I could turn on the headset, use it for hours and it never loses connection. Other times, I'll turn it on and every 2-3 minutes the dongle disconnects (I see the light turn off for a second or two, then come back on, then my headset beep that it connected again).


It was through a USB extension, but never had this problem in the past. I tried to move it to another USB port, on and off the extension cable... it doesn't seem to change the issue.


Just to give an idea, it was disconnecting/connecting for 2 hours after I turned it on, then just randomly stopped and has been working perfect for the past 2 hours.


I'm on Windows 10 and have had this headset for a few years now with no issues.

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