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Multiple Corsair Commander Setup - Help Needed


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I have a very big Cube case : Anidees ALL CRYSTAL CUBE LITE.

Sorry, no Corsair case..:)


I have this build setup as a Hyper Air Cooling System, so no liquid cooling, all air, even the CPU is Air Cooled.

In total I have 11 fans running, all Corsair ML-Pro (Non-Led) versions.

This build is a special build, not because of a Gaming setup and/or other big rig.

This machine is put together for special Lab monitoring and has very delicate equipment on board.

2 special add on cards are added to this machine that monitor different systems in our Lab, both cards cost almost $10.000 each.

This is why we choose to go for air cooling instead of liquid cooling.

Even when AIO's are very safe these days we didn't want to have any risk and damage these add on cards in any way if the AIO suddenly would leak.

Using the Corsair ML-Pro PWM fans, and yes all 11 of them, keeps this system cool as it should be.

These add-on card produce al lot of unwanted heat but these fans do the job perfectly.


I want to use the Corsair Commander to control my PWM fans.

In my build I need to use 2 Commanders to control all of my fans.

Because 1 Commander can only handle 6 fans.

With 2 Commanders I can handle all the fans.


When I use 2 Commanders do they both show up inside Corsair Link and can they both be controlled.


Many thanks in advance.





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So I can see both commanders in Corsair Link, that would be great.

I don't need the LED function and what not, just the fan control.

So that I can set several fan profiles for different fans inside the system to get an even better cooling performance.


The PSU can be controlled via the software as well?

If I use the 750i instead of course?



Thanks again.

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This is all I need, many many thanks again.

I bought the RM750x already, but I ordered 2 Corsair Commander Pro units via Amazon.de as we speak.

I requested a PSU switch for the RM750X to a RM750i as well.

So the new PSU will be send to me as well and I send the RM750x back.


According to Amazon.de both Corsair Commanders Pro units and the new PSU will be delivered this Wednesday.


Again many thanks for your help, and many thanks to show me the graph as well.

Now I know also how things will look when I install both Commander pro units and the new PSU.


Thanks again..




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