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H110i v2 is loose on a EVGA x58


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I can lightly grab the pump on my H100i V2, rock it back and forth and slightly lift it off the CPU. Troubleshooting let me to conclude either the stand-off screws were too long or the bracket is too long. With the pump resting on the CPU, the bracket is a few millimeters off it's pressure point on the pump itself. At first I tried some nylon and thicker rubber washers for spacers on the backside of the motherboard but once I was able to confirm the stand off screws were flush with the motherboard is when I noticed the bracket itself hitting the tops of the stand-offs well before it rests on the pump. I've tried different orientations of the pump but it didn't help. Anyone else have ideas?


I've opened a ticket but not sure what the options are unless they offer shorter mounting brackets and/or stand-off screws.

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