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Hello All!! I recently purchased my first Corsair keyboard, having purchased a Lapdog along with a K70 LUX RGB with Cherry Blues, and I cannot say how much I love this rig. It replaced a Roccat Sova Mechanical, which I still have and it has been collecting dust ever since.


My reasons for the replacement are numerous, but one of the big ones is I am hoping to set up some RTS game profiles, where I assign macros to different keys, and then change the color of each of those individual keys. So, for instance, I would create a macro of B,S assigned to the S key, and make that individual key red in color in StarCraft 2, and then would simply know I only need to push the red button when controlling an SCV, and select the location for placement.


So, I am looking for a PDF file, or the like, that can explain all of the ins and outs of CUE, and help me to accomplish my goals. Can anyone please point me to the right location of such a file? All of my searches have turned up nothing but very high level documents, and I have found nothing that is granular enough to explain how I can accomplish my goals.


Thank you, in advance, for any help you might provide!!

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Hi again All, since it appears there is no downloadable file, for which I am looking, then I have two other questions if I may.


Firstly, can anyone tell me if what I am trying to accomplish is even possible to do.


And secondly, if it is possible, is there perhaps an electronic means of gathering the information I am looking for, something that might fully explain how to accomplish the goals I am attempting?


Thanks again, in advance, for any help you might provide!!

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