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Void Pro compatible with old USB Dongle?


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I have the older 7.1 Wireless Corsair Vengeance 2100 Headset. I was looking at getting the new Wireless Void Pro headset. However, after looking at some online reviews, it appears that it doesn't come with a cable that you can plug in and still listen to things when the battery is dead. It appears that you have to recharge it to get sound.


Can I use my old USB dongle with cable and plug it into the new headset so that I can still hear sound when the battery is dead?

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None of our wireless headsets receive audio over USB cables if that's what you're asking.


Please review the photo below.


I'm talking about this cable which does in fact let you listen as it charges. My question is can I use this cable on the brand new VOID PRO RGB Wireless headset that just came out a few months ago so that I can listen as it charges?





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Yes, those are the cables that came with the older headset, but none of them have ever transmitted audio, just power. When a USB cable is plugged in to charge the headset, it's still using the dongle to transmit audio.


Ok so can I use the cables with a dead battery on the new headset to listen to audio since it provides power to my old headset?


I just want to know if this will indeed transmit power to the new headset?

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