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Keyboard arrived with missing keycaps, and wrong spacebar


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Imagine my excitement when I found a refurbished K70 (non-LUX) RGB keyboard on Corsair's web store! I really don't like the newer "L33T G4M3R" font, upside down number keys, and textured space bar. This model had the part number CH-9000514-NA/RF, and both its product page and especially the one on Newegg, show the way the keyboard should look (note new sails-only logo).


So the keyboard finally arrived... but I was in for a disappointment. The space bar was not the proper (smooth) model, but the mismatched textured version instead. What's more, it wasn't even illuminated, no LED window!

But the worst was that several key caps had come off. Here is a picture (click for larger version):


The box was well-packaged so I'm not sure how those keys could have come off. Surely this lack of quality control isn't acceptable, even in a refurbished model?


Any suggestions, as to how I can get an undamaged model, or even just a matching space bar, would be very welcome. Thanks in advance!

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