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HD Fans and controllers


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Hey there!

So, i'm building a new system and going through the meticulous process of picking components. I have my case purchased, awaiting delivery (hopefully not in the middle of the hurricane). But i'm kinda confused on the cooling setup (not in general, specifically about the fans.). So here's what i'm looking to do..


My case (Thermaltake View 71 TG) will have 2 360mm radiators in it. It will have a total of 7-9 fans depending on how I set it up. All of those fans are going to be HD120s. I'm also going to have probably 4-8 LED strips in there (still unsure on a LOT of things until I can get the case and get some mods going)


What i'm confused on is the controllers and commander pro and lighting pro and such and such.


What I am thinking will work is..

Get 1 pack of HD120s that comes with 3x fans and 1x controller.

Then buy 4-6 more fans.

Get a commander pro.

I can put 6 fans on the commander pro, then put the remaining fans on the controller that came with the pack of fans. Then that controller can plug into the commander pro.


Is that correct and will work and such? Then of course LEDs go into the included controllers, and controllers go into commander pro.


I'll be spending more on fans that I am on internal components :-P. But it's going to be beautiful when finished. Going to be lots of custom mods + a hard line loop x2, separate loops for GPU/CPU (just cuz....)


Anyway, thanks for any help/advice guys!

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I can put 6 fans on the commander pro, then put the remaining fans on the controller that came with the pack of fans. Then that controller can plug into the commander pro.


I suspect you will need 2 x CLCP (Commander Pro) as the "controller that came with the pack of fans" is a LED controller and controls the fan LEDs via the LED hub.


Each CLCP has two LED ports which can control the LEDs of 6 x HD or 4 x strips. You will also need 2 x LED hubs so need to get 2 x 3 packs.

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Yea thank you for the very detailed explanation! It really is... I kind of miss the days of plugging 4 pins into my MB and BAM ready to go...


So... My initial purchase will only be 6 fans in total, the second radiator is for the GPU circuit and would hold the other 3 fans which will be setup a bit later (like you said.. empty wallet :/)


I think i've got down what I would need to do for the initial setup.


2x 3 packs w/ RGB LED controllers (only using 1 for the time being)

1x Commander Pro to run the PWM on 6 fans and plug my RGB LED controller into.


That would cover full control of the first set of 6 fans and LEDs.


Then when I get 3 more, I could just use my MB PWM headers and control RPM that way (wouldn't be with corsair link but, i'de rather not splice my 30 dollar each fans together XD).

Then buy a lighting node pro, use one channel for the 4x strips (which I don't think i'll need more than 4), and the other channel for my second RGB LED controller I got with the 3 packs, to control the last 3 fans (with room for 3 more!)


I THINK, this will all work.. Expensive stuff but, I want this thing to look good, i've done a lot of builds for performance but not many with amazing looks, so i'm going all in.

Completely custom cable set for PSU + sleeving on EVERYTHING

Custom LC loop x2, 1 CPU, 1 GPU both with 360mms on them

9 HD fans for glorious RBG lighting with some strips to add more..

and lots, and lots, and lots of customizing the case (repainting most of it, adding some new pieces etc)


Anyways... Thank you again, I think I have it figured out now! Just didn't wanna go ordering $300 worth of fans to find out it's not gonna work right!

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