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K55 - Cannot create hardware profiles; cannot save to device memory


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K55 keyboard, firmware version 30.06


CUE version 2.16.87


Windows 10 (up to date as of the time of this posting)


The default lighting setup for the keyboard is the rainbow wave, which is active when CUE is not running. I learned that there should be a function to save some lighting settings to the device's memory, but that there were a few caveats:

  • Firstly you needed to make a hardware profile
  • Secondly you could only save static color settings (which is fine, because that's what I want)

If you look at the attached images, you'll see that when I create a new profile I do not have the option to choose whether it is a software or hardware profile.




You'll also see that I do not have the icon that allows me to save to the device's memory (though this may be because I cannot create a hardware profile).




Is there a way that I can save a static color to my device's memory? Or is that not a feature for the K55?

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