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CUE 2.16.87 Windows Lock Lighting bug


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Hello all,


I have a K65 RGB and I just upgraded the CUE software to the newest 2.16.87. The firmware is up to date on the keyboard.


I have set all colors to a static red.

The bug is in the windows lock button. I have it set to red when off, and green when on. When in windows, it works fine. When windows is "locked," or booting up, or logged out, the red turns to pink. I'm not sure why this is.


Has anyone else encountered this issue? Anyone have a possible fix?


Thanks for reading

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Anyone? Seems to happen when CUE isn't "connected (ie when logging in from a reboot and CUE hasn't started yet, rebooting, powering up, or when the PC is "locked"). Seems that it isn't connected to the device the entire time, even though it's set as a hardware profile (clicked the little SD looking thing on the profile) it doesn't seem to use that ONLY for the windows Lock key.
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