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Need help setting up corsair Link to run automatically


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First off I’d like to say hello to all this is my first time on the forum.


Ok now here is my problem last week I brought a few corsair things 2 AIO coolers one H60 and a H80i v2 and 16gb corsair Ram. I am having a problem working with the corsair Link I’m using v. now what I want it to do is raise and lower my fan speed as the CPU temps raise or fall automatically this day and age I should be able to do this I would think. My system consist on a ASUS PBP67 Deluxe i7-2600k windows 7 64bit not using or installed Al_suite have fan settings in bios set to disable that way corsair link controls everything. As of now I don’t like that I have to drop down and have to select the setting I’m sure I’m missing something I’d hate to take all the corsair stuff back because the software being primitive.


So I need to know how to make it work automatically.

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I am not exactly sure how you have these coolers arranged or even if they are in the same system, but the H80i v2 is the only "C-Link cooler" capable of control from that program. To set the fans to run based on CPU temperature, you would click the fan dial in Link or go to the configuration screen, then set the group to "CPU Package Temp".


However, I would suggest you not do this. CPU package temperature is not the ideal variable for water cooling and it is not reflective of the fans' true function in the system. The cold plate, TIM, and CPU lid help conduct heat away from the CPU cores. The fan speed has no direct effect on this process. The water system serves as a second phase of heat removal. Transfer the heat from the CPU to the coolant. Then transfer the heat from the coolant out of the case. The fans help remove heat from the coolant, therefore you only need more fan speed when your coolant temperature goes up. These tend to be small and steady changes and this also means you will have steady fan speeds. The coolant temperature is the H80i v2 Temp group and displayed in Link. This is also the minimum possible CPU temperature.


It should be in this configuration by default, however room and case temperature play a large role in your actual H80i v2 Temp value. So the person running their PC in a 30C room will always have higher coolant temperatures than someone in 16C room. Nothing you can do about that, but it does mean the fans may run a bit too fast in warmer climates or Summer on the default settings. That is fine, but you likely want to make your own curve. Figure out your normal range of coolant temperature for what you do, then set the fans speeds for a comfortable volume. If CPU temperature is not an issue, you don't need more fan speed. Most people set them to run too fast. If you starting H80i v2 temp is 28C and it is not 32C, no matter how much fan speed you use, you can only reduce the CPU temp by an additional 4C. This is usually not worth the noise premium.

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