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Corsair Void RGB Wireless - Not working


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tl;dr My headset won't power on or connect, the dongle is set in pairing mode, and I cannot use the headset. Details below.


I've had this headset for about 9 months now, absolutely wonderful experience and by far my favorite headset that I've used. However, as of me getting home today, I found that my headset had not been charging at all, and the blinking light on the dongle was flashing about 2 times a second. I looked at many of the threads here and tried many solutions, firmware installation, boot loader mode etc. But none of these work because my computer simply won't recognize that the headset plugged in (it will only recognize the dongle) I have tested it with multiple USB cables that I know work and It still won't charge. I thought at first that a power surge must have damaged the battery, but I do have my all my other peripherals connected to my PC which is plugged into a surge protector (and they were all working fine). Did my battery go dead and if so is this covered by some kind of warranty, or is it just firmware issues?


Thanks for any help and sorry for the long paragraph! Just wanted to give as much detail as possible.

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