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570x RGB hub wire melted


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Hi all.

I've seen a few other threads about the power wire in the RGB hubs melting.

This happened to me today :(


The 3 case fans RGB cables were all connected to the hub as they were from the factory, I hadn't changed anything there.


I hooked up the RGB hubs sata power cable to the power supply.


I hooked the 3 case fans power connectors up to 3x 4-pin molex to fan adapters (just to test all the fans worked before running the cables through to the mobo headers).


Powered it up and it smoked, melting the RGB hubs power wire.


The damage wasn't too bad, so I wrapped the cable in electrical tape to cover the few areas of exposed copper.


I then plugged the fans power cables into the fan headers on the motherboard and now it works fine (no smoke). The RGB hub still works, as do all the LEDs in the fans.



This leaves me with a couple of questions...


Was I not supposed to plug the fans into the 4-pin molex adapters and run them off the PSU? (I understand it would run them on max, but wouldn't expect it to burn anything!)


If the motherboard cranks the case fans up under load, is the RGB wire likely to burn up again?




RGB hub wire burned when case fans plugged into PSU, but not when plugged into mobo fan headers. Why?

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C'mon im dying to know what you have found !!


Im just about to start a new build with 570X only im going to replace fan hub with Commander Pro...is that liable to blow up as well ??




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