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H50 for 775 Socket


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Hey guys!

I have a H50 mounted on 1366 motherboard.

I would like to use it on a 775 motherboard, but I read on the manual than I need "4x retention ring" who are different from my 1366 socket.


The problem is.... I lost these parts years ago. Where could I buy these missed parts? :sigh!:


These four retention ring, on the 6th picture [F]:



Thank you! :biggrin:

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Hello there!


If you have it properly mounted on a 1366 board, then it will work fine with a 775. The retention ring is the large ring which 4 holes for the standoff posts on the motherboard. If you have it correctly mounted now, it will transfer over to the 775 with no issues. You may need to shift the standoffs a bit to match the 775's mounting holes.


Please let us know if you run into any issues and we'll see if we can assist you with it.

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