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Corsair Obsidian 800D Hard Drive Cages


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I recovered a used 800d corsair

unfortunately I noticed that there are no slides for the two hd to mount down

on the Corsair site there are spare parts for all models except for the 800d

now i could fit the sleds of other series or other cooler master type brands?

I've found these






would anyone know if any of these kits are okay?

please help me

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The HD mounting slots at the bottom of the case use rails similar to Dell's rails. Though i cannot tell you whether the Dell ones will work with the 800D.




thanks for reply

but I need to know where I buy the original kit CC800D-ACCKIT to replace mine

can someone help me?

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Have you tried asking Corsair via the Support Ticket System link just above your first post, you will have to register there?


I don't have the serial number of my Corsair 800d because the original box is missing

so I don't know if I can open a ticket

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