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Hello Corsair, can someone please look into this ticket please,,, your Bolton RMA address received the faulty PSU back on Thurs 31/8, its now close of business on Monday 4/9 and I've still not had any updates......


My PC has been down now for over a week... and by the looks of it, its going to be down another week.....:mad:


Someone must know whats happening.....


Looks like I may have to purchase a replacement PSU after all,, what the point of these long warranties if the customer service is this slow when the product fails,, isn't it bad enough the product fails, we then have to spend ££ to send it back, then on top of all that, you then have slow customer service,,,,, (I've been to told to wait 24-48 for my ticket to be updated 3 times now......!!) Corsair this is really not good enough, you pride yourselves on top customer service..........and charge a premium for your products...



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