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Upon buying my k70 I immediately knew that I wanted the caps lock and other toggle keys to change color on press to easier read their current state. I searched quite a bit on how to do this to only find outdated methods. I was eventually able to figure this out on my own and wanted to share it for anyone else wanting to implement this feature.


1. First make sure to switch your profile to advanced mode.

2. Create a static effect with the color that you want to be default.

3. Above the static effect, create a solid effect.

4. Click the + button under opacity to add a new color and set both sliders to the color you want the button to change to.

5. Change the start option to "on key press"

6. Change the stop option to "on key press"

7. Change the Lighting time to 1 second.


And now your key should toggle between the two colors. For numlock you may want to invert your colors as on most motherboards the numlock is activated by default.


I have attached a screen shot showing the settings for caps lock and also a profile that has this setup already.



I am still looking for a way to change the Window keys color on the Windows lock button press. Not sure if this is possible in the current version of CUE. If anyone has figured out how to do this, please let me know.



Living Keyboard.cueprofile

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I was able to change the Window key color after pressing the win lock button, but I could not get the color to stay for longer than 99 seconds. I eventually found a work around using profile switching.


1. Add new action

2. Change action type to profile switching

3. Set key for this action to the Windows key lock button

4. Under advanced settings check "Retain original key output"

5. Copy the profile

6. On new profile add a new static lighting effect for both window keys (Make sure this is on top)

7. Set color for static effect to the color you want the windows key to toggle to

8. Edit the profile switching action on both profiles to only have the other profile on the rotation


This solution is less than ideal because it loses the states of the other toggle keys such as caps lock.

Please let me know if anyone is able to find a method that does not involve profile switching.

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This worked for me even over all of my complicated gradients and ripples.


There still exists the problem, however, that when you change lighting profiles, the solid light goes away, but the key stays in caps or num or scroll. Meaning when you go back to the profile with the toggle effect, the lighting will be inversed. (IE your keyboard is still in caps, but your solid toggle light will not be on). I somehow don't think there will be a way around this problem though.

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Yes the problem you described is what is causing me the issue with the Window keys color toggle with the Window key lock button. I believe it is probably not fixable without some other custom software running alongside CUE. However, getting the key colors back in sync is pretty easy if you just make sure their real states are set to the default before switching profiles again.


It would definitely be nice if CUE offered a way to read the states of the toggle keys.

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