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K55 volume change notification display


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Hello all,


I have already Googled this and searched forums as well but could not find the answer.

I have recently purchased a Corsair K55 RGB keyboard and it has volume change buttons on top right of the keyboard.

They function but I do not get a pop-up on screen showing the change of volume as I did with my old Logitech keyboard.


I already installed the Corsair Utility Engine 3 but did not see anywhere in there a place to enable that?

Does anyone know how to enable that with Corsair? Is there a way to?



Thanks in advanced!

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Unfortunately, CUE's OSD does not have a volume indicator. You will likely need to look for a third party tool for Windows 7.


Awh that is shame. Hopefully they add that to CUE3 in an update :sigh!:


Thanks for the response though!

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