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Bad 2GB Stick


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I've recently purchased 8 2GB sticks of Corsair PC-2700 RAM.


The stickes on the modules reads:

CM74SD204SRLP-2700/S 0446029-0 PC2700R-25330-Z1


I was planing to use it with a Tyan K8S Pro (S2882) motherboard for a total of 16GB of ram. I already have an identical server in production, so I know this configuration works. Anyway, one of the modules is bad, it passes bios memory test just fine but when the OS (FreeBSD) is starting to boot it crashes right away. By trying different configuration of modules I isolated one module that produces the error. I would like this module exchanged for a working one. How should I proceed?

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Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


Does that mean I can just complete the online RMA form right now, giving this post as a ticket id?


I got the part from monarchcomputer website, it's pretty hard to get a hold of them. I would like to just exchange it with corsair if possible.

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