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I'm looking to finally get rid of my current old and bulky Cooler Master case, and relocate into something smaller, i'm between either the Fractal Design Define C, or the Corsair Carbide 400c. In my current case, the fan setup/layout is:

  • - 2x 120mm static pressure fans in push configuration on a 240mm rad as an exhaust on the top
    - 1x 140mm air flow fan as exhaust on the back.
    - 4x 140mm air flow fans as intake 3x on front and 1x bottom.

What i need help with is, figuring out what kind of fans i should use as my front intake on either one of the cases i'm considering (Define C or 400c) to replace my current ones? I plan on keeping the fan layout the same, but considering that both these cases do not allow for direct air flow from the front, but rather have air flow slightly restricted due to the side channels, would it be recommend to continue using high air flow fans as i have now, or change them for high static pressure fan?


-Any insight would be appreciate...

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