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Does the Corsair H80i v2 have thicker tubing to fix leaking issues?


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It would be exceeding rare for a leak to occur because of a literal tube failure (breach, puncture, etc.). Most leaks are going to occur at the connections points -- hose to pump, hose to radiator. Leaks are not common and unless you see a product with an usual number of user complaints specifically citing leakage, there is no reason to fear it to fail in that way. I can see why you might be gun shy after a leak and you can certainly take a look at some air towers and compare your options. A big tower might be more in your interests than a small radiator. I suppose a lot of this depends on your CPU and what you do with it. Hopefully your hardware was not damaged, but overclock level and model should be considered. Also, we are hoping for the new cooler product line to be released very soon. If you have an immediate need to buy, then waiting may not be an option.
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