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Modded 780t 1950x Threadripper Deadpool Build

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Hello everyone,


Recently I decided to update my personal rig with a 1950x Threadripper to help out with 3D modeling and file manipulation tasks. Ended up deciding to go with a 780t (For the second time) and tear it down, paint the exterior, add some acrylic shrouds, and redo my hardline loop with monsoon chain gun fittings. I'll be updating the imgur album over the next week as I need to finish up this build to get back to finishing my wife's 570x white edition Ryzen build. Only things that may take more than the week would be my acrylic engraver being delivered and getting my vinyl cutter to create the exact stencils I'm looking for. Any and all suggestions and recommendations are appreciated!



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Sorry for the lack of picture updates:


Was finally able to make some solid progress and more components rolled in and I finally was able to not be in the hospital. Should be updating this more this week!






And yes, I am using corsair all the things. =)

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