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Fan RPM drops to 0


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I have a full custom loop. I have a 360mm radiator in the front and a 240mm on the top. I have the pump plugged into a header on the motherboard controlled via the Bios. I have a Corsair Commander Pro and run 6 fans via Corsair link.


I have 3 Koolance (FAN-12025MBK) fans on the front. I'm planning on upgrading to ML-120 Fans from Corsair anyway but the Koolance fans were cheaper. The top radiator uses the Corsair fans that originally came with the H100i V2 (SP120L) that I was using. The rear exhaust fan is just what came with the 400c case.


The 3 Koolance and the H100iV2 fans are all PWM and I can control them using fan curves in Corsair Link. The regular case fan is not PWM and only ever runs ~1300RPM.


I have it cooling an I7-7700k and a MSI 1070 Seahawk EK X. At idle speeds everything runs fine but when I game the fans will ramp up per the curve they're set to, but seemingly at random the 3 fans will all drop to 0 RPM and 5-10 seconds later they will spin back up. It seems to happen most often when switching to a different RPM. As in they'll be running at 1400RPM, drop to 0 and come back at 1600RPM. The 2 Corsair fans on the top will do it too. Usually when this happens it's only ever the 3 fans at once or the 2 top fans together. Only last night did all the fans do it at the same time. I don't recall if the case fan in the back ever does it or not. I'll have to pay more attention to it. I know it's not just a display bug in Corsair Link because I can audibly hear the fans stop and spin back up.

I was originally using a custom curve and thinking that could cause it I switched to the performance preset in Corsair Link but it does it there as well. I'm not sure if it's an issue with Corsair Link, or the Commander Pro, or the fans themselves. I was planning on getting the ML-120 fans anyway so if the fans are faulty then I'll just replace them.


I'm not at home so I'm unable to post an screenshots at this time but I'll be more than happy to if it would help.


Thanks for any assistance!

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I have the 3 front fans linked to a temp probe on the CPU block and the 2 top fans are linked to a probe on the GPU block.


68F - 1055RPM

77F - 1120RPM

84F - 1446RPM

91F - 1706RPM

99F - 2031RPM

104F - 2519RPM


The Koolance fans won't spin that fast anyway but the temp doesn't get that high. It happens under the preset balanced and performance too though, not just under a custom curve.

In my testing just now it happened with the rear case fan, it dropped to 0 then went to 700 then 1100 and then back to ~1350RPM where it usually stays.

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Thank you Dustin. I've worked around it for now by just setting the fans to a fixed RPM of 1400. They stay at that consistently. If I were change it to 1600 while having a game or benchmark running the fans will drop to 0 then go to 1600. But when changing the fixed RPM under no load they go up or down just fine.


I hope this helps!

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