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Cant for the life of me figure ut how to remap mouse buttons


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I have a Corsair Glave mouse, and I want to remap buttons 5 and 6 (the side buttons) to E and V respectively. When I press the mouse button, I want my computer to recognize it as an E or V button press. Ive been fiddling with CUE for twenty minutes and cant figure out how. I'm probably a moron, but could someone just tell me how to do it please?


What I have so far


Select the mouse

Create new action

Select Button 5

Change "Macro" in the scroll box to "remap key"

Select E in the list of letter keys


Theres nothing else to press, and simply doing these steps doesnt remap the button at all


I'm at a loss here. I have absolutely no idea what other options could be used to remap this button. I feel like this SHOULD be a simple process I can do in a minute flat, but I cant figure it out. Am I just a moron, or is this really complicated?

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Once you do that, Click the button you want to assign the action to.


When assigned, You will find the box on the left of the action will tell you which button the action is assigned to.


Here's a link to some tutorials/Unofficial manual. Do note, the UI has slightly changed so it may look different to the videos but overall it should still be the same.


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